Manicure Stockholm City, treat your hands.

Even though our hands are one of our most sensitive and important tools we often take them for granted. Spending money on expensive facial masks is often a necessity for many, but spending money on a manicure doesn’t seem to be as important.

The truth is that our hands actually reveal a lot more about our personality than you might expect. Dry cuticles, cracked nails, uneven edges and irritated skin not only tell us about a worn and neglected hand, but also reveals a person than doesn’t take proper care for themselves.

Soap, dish soap, plain water and hand sanitizer can wear the skin out, especially sensitive skin. We regularly wash our hands which of course is essential but we often forget to care for our hands. We also don’t think about how the appearance of our hands may affect other peoples first impression when we greet people.

Our hands are in their best condition in our twenties. At 30 the countdown begins and around 40 the first traces of aging are visible, such as wrinkles, aging spots, and noticeable veins. Then it doesn’t matter how much we lift our eyelids and cheeks. A woman’s true age can always be revealed by her hands.

Anyone who wants to preserve the beauty of their hands should regularly moisturize their hands, especially if they passed 35 years of age. And always with a lotion with sunscreen that prevents pigmentation changes if your out in the sun. Regular manicure treatments are also important if you want to preserve the softness of your skin.