Leila’s Skin Care Clinic

Candle lights, pink and white orchids, relaxing music and brocade upholstered canapés that you can stretch out on. A visit to Leila’s skin care salon is a luxurius experience with a high enjoyment factor. Women of all ages, the oldest is 94 years, come here to bring new life and luster to their skin. The first thing that greets you in the sophisticatedly decorated salon is a peaceful calm. The feeling is reinforced by Leila’s friendly attitude, making you feel at ease. The stress goes and is substituted by peace and harmony. If you arrive early, you can sip on an espresso or some refreshing lemon water while you wait. A much needed time-out where you can forget troubles and enjoy the present. The treatment begins with lying down on an exam table where Leila beds you in thick terry towels before she examines your skin. Everything to identify your unique needs and be able to give your skin the nourishment it needs. The fragrance of the salon tickles your senses whilst Leila cleanses your skin. Cleansing is followed by exfoliation, steam, blackhead removal, massage and facial masque. Her caring hands aids circulation and stimulate cell regeneration. Your skin becomes firmer, smoother and more resilient. To indulge in a facial treatment every now and then is important for your physical well-being. Your skin can breathe again and looks both fresher and younger. And best of all – to Leila’s salon, you are always welcome!