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jul 12

Maja 16 years old, I had plenty of thin hairs all over face which I was teased over on a daily basis.

It all started when I was a little girl. I had plenty of fuzz in my face and I was teased ever day because of this. I didn’t realise how much people’s comments had hurt me until I became 12 years old. I always felt abnormal and alienated from other girls who were hair-free. I tried every method I heard of to get rid of the hair in my face but it only got worse and the hairs grew stronger and thicker. When I turned 14 I had enough of it and sought help. I couldn’t leave the house without the layers of make up I would put on to cover my facial hair. I was scared of meeting new people and never made eye-contact with anyone; I just wanted to disappear and hide.
In 2010 my mother took me to see a doctor. Blood tests were taken and the results showed a high level of testosterone, which is a masculine hormone. The hospital sent me around to various doctors and counselors who were not willing to help me. They said my hairs were too fuzzy to be treated with diathermy or laser. I was very sad and felt like I had to live with something I was uncomfortable with and it had made my life very difficult. One counselor at last gave me a note containing the names of various dermatologists and suggested I go ask them if treatment is possible. I called Leila’s clinic and she booked me in for an appointment to look at my hairs. She agreed that my hairs were very fuzzy, but she really wanted to help me and fought hard so that I could get a referral to start treatment. I am very thankful for her help because if I hadn’t received help i would be very depressed and still feel bad about myself.
Leila’s clinic has been helping me for two years now and I feel a lot better about meeting new people and being out in public without needing to hide. Before I received treatment I would always dread the summers because the sunlight would reveal my hairs. Now I look forward to the summers and feel very confident and find it easier to make friends!

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