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Angelika, 44 years old,has been shaving her face for twenty-four years

“For twenty-four years I have shaved my face, my stomach and legs daily, convinced this was the way I was going to spend the rest of my life until my gynaecologist told me about Diathermy / Electrolysis. Leila has now made me quit shaving completely and I can feel the hairs getting less and thinner after every treatment”.
I was diagnosed with PCOS when I turned 20, and I have been shaving my face on a daily basis since I was 15 years old. Having to shave my face has been the most difficult part of having PCOS. It is very frustrating not being hair-free like all the other girls. It gets hard trying to cover it up all the time and being anxious that people might ask questions if they see my hairs. Trust me, people do ask! Children are the worst, they usually ask and I lie and tell them I have eczema.
After many months of left out menstruation I went to see a doctor who sent me to a gynecologist. That was the first time I heard about PCOS, polycistic ovarian syndrome (just the name makes you wonder how serious the condition may be). Thankfully I found out it only means that my period is irregular and I have a high level of testosterone. The doctor also told me I should lose some weight as it would help the treatment. I received a prescription for the Diane pill which is a contraceptive pill with high levels of oestrogen. I stopped taking Diane after a few months because my mucous membranes got dry. I decided I didn’t want to take hormone medicine and decided to lose weight instead. And it worked, my period was regular again but I still had facial hair.
I was shaving my face, belly and legs daily and thought this was how I was going to continue living the rest of my life until my gynecologist told me about electrolysis permanent hair removal treatment. I got a referral from “Karolinska hospital” and chose Leila’s Clinic randomly from a list I was given by the hospital. Leila has now made me quit shaving completely and I can feel the hairs getting less and thinner after each treatment. They also grow slower now. I am very thankful over getting in touch with Leila. She is very professional and has made me see a bright future where I don’t need to feel like a hairy monster who has to shave every day.
Because I am in the risk zone of getting diabetes type-2 due to PCOS I have started taking Metmorfin. Metmorfin had decreased my hair growth and I don’t get cravings for sweets anymore. I also have a more stabile blood-sugar thanks to Metmorfin. I now feel like after 24 years of living with PCOS I am improving my lifestyle and I am living a more fulfilling life as I have been able to get rid of my symptoms.
Why isn’t there more information available when the diagnose of PCOS is established? Should women really have to live the way I have lived for 24 years? Wouldn’t it be cheaper for society if treatment was given at an earlier stage?
I am a strong woman and I have never let my condition keep me from reaching my goals. But what about women those women who don’t believe in themselves or lack confidence? What about those who become physiologically ill and isolate themselves from people because they are ashamed of their symptoms? I don’t know much about hormones, metabolism etc. But I know that hormone imbalance can have psychological effects. Find these suffering women at an early stage and give them a dignified life.
Thank you Leila and everyone else who treats and helps us women with Hirsutism to live a life without embarrassing hair growth!
A big thanks to the city council who finances this treatment, and thank you all the scientists who are doing research on this subject who might one day be able to answer the question “Why me?”

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