Aug 17

I am 82 years old and have been going to Leila’s for many years

I am 82 years old and have been going to Leila’s for many years.

Jul 12

Angelika, 44 years old,has been shaving her face for twenty-four years

“For twenty-four years I have shaved my face, my stomach and legs daily, convinced this was the way I was going to spend the rest of my life until my gynaecologist told me about Diathermy / Electrolysis. Leila has now made me quit shaving completely and I can feel the hairs getting less and thinner […]

Jul 12

Melanie, 47 years old, Especially if you have a beard and moustache

“When people meet a transsexual woman all they see is a man dressed in women’s clothing. Especially if you have a beard and a moustache, but even without. This is completely dependent on the body you were born into and the fact that people only want to see what they have been taught to see.” […]

Jul 12

Clary 48 yeas old, I wonder if the change of not having facial hair is the biggest change of all.

“I often tell Leila that she should get a psychology degree so she can charge double the amount and call herself a psycho-dermatologist. She has had many transexual patients over the years, and we talk! What Leila doesn’t know about transsexualism is not worth knowing.” Clary 48 is a transsexual woman, read her story here

Jul 12

Sabrina 14 years old, hair started growing all over her body

“Hair started growing in unusual parts of my body and I noticed this was only happening to me as I would receive strange and hateful comments from my classmates in the changing room before physical education class.” When I was eleven years old and had started fifth grade I noticed that the hair growth on […]

Jul 12

Melinda 25 years old, was constantly removing hair.

“Leila is the type of person who is a good listener. I regained my confidence every time I spoke to her. She made me see that there is no difference between men and women, and that a woman can be just as confident and independent as a man.”

Jul 12

Maja 16 years old, I had plenty of thin hairs all over face which I was teased over on a daily basis.

It all started when I was a little girl. I had plenty of fuzz in my face and I was teased ever day because of this. I didn’t realise how much people’s comments had hurt me until I became 12 years old. I always felt abnormal and alienated from other girls who were hair-free. I […]

Jul 12

Helene, 21 years old, I noticed an increase in hair on my face and body

“I noticed that I started gaining weight very quickly and my bodily hair increased rapidly and became thicker. I also developed a thick bump in the back of my head on my neck. It took half a year until I was diagnosed because my condition is not very common amongst teenagers.” Helene 21 years old, […]

Jul 11

Sussanne, 34 years old. The doctors couldn’t find the cause of my excessive hair growth

“I had been to various gynaecologists who had all been unable to find the cause of my issues with embarrassing facial hair, overweight, irregular menstruation, unwanted hair growth on my stomach, and difficulty getting pregnant.”

Jul 11

Anneli, 42 years old, “It all started with a few hairs on my upper lip, which over a few years turned into a full beard”

“It all started with a few hairs on my upper lip, which over a few years turned into a full beard. I have always had to shave every other day. I would always know where i kept my razors; one at work, one in my jacket and one in my purse.” Anneli, 42 years old […]